The main result of the CREA.T.Y.V project will be the methodology for an intergenerational training program for young people using creative drama, methodology which will include an E-Book, a Training program and a Report outlining the impact of piloting the training program in Romania, Italy and Czech Republic. The methodology is highly innovative and will set up good practice examples for the empowerment and skills development of young people with fewer opportunities to become volunteers having as mentors older persons volunteers.

A Handbook for Trainers will also be elaborated in the project, with use for trainers working with young people in the field of volunteering. A Guide for young people “Re-Shaping my Future through Volunteering”will be another original result of our project, which they can use for familiarizing with volunteering means, and with examples of volunteers in national or international contexts and the way this activity changed and improved their future life. The Guide will also contain exercises sheets for self-assessment and self-awareness on own potential and resources/skills of young people that could help them be volunteers and as a basis for future professional pathways choice. The results will have a positive impact on target group and could be included in the regular training offers of volunteering centers/NGOs and youth organizations. A ‘Train of Trainer’s event will be organized, in which trainers/adult educators from each partner organization will learn how to use the innovative methodologies elaborated in the project. The ‘Train of Trainers’ program will be held by Gaiety of School of Acting, a very well-known theatre education institution, in Dublin, Ireland. Another result will be the Policy Recommendation for supporting youth volunteering through non-formal education in intergenerational contexts throughout EU (A Chart of Intergenerational Volunteering). This document will be translated in all project languages and will be disseminated at all public levels, with the aim of being included in the national legislations regarding youth training in volunteering in intergenerational contexts, and as a basis for further European policies. An innovative result of our project will be the Film ‘Youth Voice in Intergenerational Volunteering”, created directly by the young people with fewer opportunities who are participating in the project, and who will film and take part in production of this film showing their entire experience achieved in this Erasmus Plus project (intergenerational training piloting, mobilities, interviews with participants etc.). The film will be a powerful tool of empowerment for these young people and it will enhance their initiative and responsibility. In the same time, this Output will promote the Erasmus Plus program, and will show other young people from EU countries the experiences and activities these kind of projects for youth put in practice.
We also propose several blended mobilities for young people, in which 24 young people will be involved (16 from Romania and 8 from Czech Republic). The mobilities will be from Romania to Italy, from Czech Republic to Italy, and from Romania to Czech republic, and will be combined with web video conferences which will prepare the visits and will ensure a continuity of collaboration afterwards between participants. The mobilities enhance the transnational European of the project.
The project will bring positive results also for older people, who will participate to civic actions, will be active, they will feel useful and connected to younger generations, using their huge potential and resources and contributing to community life. In this way, we will combate ageism and promote social inclusion and active ageing, maintaining in the same time a good mental and physical health status for elderly.
In addition to outputs and events outlined in corresponding section of the application form, information leaflets targeting young people (especially those with fewer opportunities), and different stakeholders (NGOs, volunteering centers, public authorities) will be developed. We will also produce a dissemination plan.