Creative Drama for Training Young Volunteers in Intergenerational Learning Environments.

In this Handbook we present a methodology for an intergenerational training program in volunteering for young people with fewer opportunities, using creative drama. Our desire was to create new practices in non-formal youth education field, targeting young people’s specific needs, and to promote volunteering to different stakeholders, on a large scale.
Creative drama techniques that will be used within the training program are creative movements, role play, storytelling, choral speaking, tableaux, still images and freeze frames, improvisation, socio-drama. Creative drama is holistic in nature and combines internal reflection and external representation. Creative Drama is an exploratory tool used with other multi-disciplinary methods to understand, promote and achieve social change, creative drama will be an effective tool to develop social skills and improve civic participation of young people, to create mentoring nurturing relationships between older volunteers and young people, to create inclusive communities, and also to support active aging.

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