Re-Shaping my Future through Volunteering. A guide for young people.
If you are a young person, this guide will provide you with practical tips on how to become a volunteer and to benefit from your voluntary work to widen your knowledge and foster your skills. As a consortium of organizations working together to provide non-formal learning opportunities for young people, we aim to show you inspirational stories and open volunteering opportunities you can undertake as a young EU citizen. We also want to stress how volunteering can be a way to meet, exchange, and support people belonging to other generations. Finally, we would like to provide you with examples of organizations in the European Union that support youth volunteering, with a focus on three of the four EU countries of the CREA.T.Y.V. consortium: the Czech Republic, Italy and Romania.


Re-Shaping my Future through Volunteering
A guide for young people

New ebook available: a guide for young people