The train the trainer programme developed by the Gaiety School of Acting, The National Theatre School of Ireland will take place in Dublin from 29th January-2nd February 2018. The staff of the partner organizations will be trained in an innovative intergenerational training programme that uses creative drama.

The staff participating will be formed by trainers from all partner organisations, with drama facilitators from the Gaiety School of Acting (Seamus Quinn and Caroline Coffey) delivering the training over 5 days.

The Creatyv project has brought together different point of views about the practices, non-formal education, policies and culture of volunteering. On the basis of this, the project appeared to have had a great impact on the training solution which will be presented to partnering organisations for the first time.
The programme will include:

• theory on intergenerational training
• methodology of delivering the workshops,
• drama techniques supporting intergenerational training
• framework on designing and delivering the intergenerational workshops

The participants will also have the opportunity to learn how to adjust the training to specific needs in national contexts and how to tailor the training content to the needs of target groups (young people and older adults).

Train the trainer programme